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Massive amounts of data coming off solar farms can make understanding performance problems challenging.


Increase Production

Identifying performance issues and optimizing production enhances project returns. Our tools enable users to identify and quantify lost energy around performance issues at site from modules all the way through trackers, strings, inverters, and transformers. Analyzing events and faults will inform better decision making.


Monitor Asset Health

It is vital for owners to continually assess the health of their assets. Through signal trending, degradation analysis, and failure analysis Clir is enabling owners to better predict if their assets are at risk of failure. With the increased accuracy of component useful life and predictive failure modeling, owners can better inform maintenance schedules.

Close up image of solar modules
Overhead shot of a solar array

Reduce Technical Financial Risk

Through our proprietary data model, Clir puts the data in context and provides insight into performance and losses. With an improved data set comes reduced uncertainty which means less risk and higher margins. Clir can assist clients to reforecast energy yields to get better financing, or provide insight into the true value of a project during M&A. Support is also available to clients for contractual discussions providing data-driven accuracy for bonus and contractual claims.


Enhance Domain Expertise

The massive amounts of data and analysis required in renewable energy can be overwhelming. Clir’s team of engineers and analysts have worked through the entire value chain of renewables and understand this all too well. This is why we ensure that all of our recommendations are followed with clear and concise actions so that you can focus your time and energy on implementation.

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