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Truly Understand Your Asset

One of the major challenges of wind farm performance management is the fluidity of the data, often becoming available at later times or needing to be treated in a complex manner. Data are relabelled by the owner, service provider, or OEM, are mismanaged, and additional data streams are made available throughout a project’s life.


Clir’s data model handles the fluidity of the data sources to ensure value is in the users’ hands to maximize output and manage risk.

Clir quantifies lost energy for all performance issues across the platform, including the impact of wind resource. This enables metrics focused on lost/gained MWh and revenue to be used rather than simply focusing on availability.

For the first time in the industry, Clir enables users to test assumptions through an automated platform to increase output and manage risk.

Increase AEP

Enhance project returns

Clir identifies key actions to increase production. First, looking at if the asset is performing the way it is supposed to, Clir eliminates potential causes of underperformance. The software enables you to further to assess if the asset’s performance is optimal. The product assesses all kinds of technical performance including component temperature and vibration, dynamic and static yaw, dynamic and static pitch, turbine control, forestry impact, curtailment strategy, and more.

Clear actionable recommendations

Our AI detectors are constantly running and looking for anomalous turbine behavior, automatically detecting and flagging issues. If underperformance is found, Clir creates an action identifying the next steps to take to resolve the issue. Actions are quantified in lost MWh’s, can be assigned to users, and include links to relevant analytics.

Monitor Asset Health

Assess the impact of meteorologic conditions

Clir monitors the current and future health of a project by assessing the physical state of components and the meteorological loading conditions an asset was exposed to in the past and will be in the future. By tracking a wide range of turbine health indicators, including turbine operational states, component conditions, asset performance and meteorological conditions, identifying degradation and its potential impacts on the remaining useful life is increasingly quantifiable.

Real time monitoring

Clir allows owners to continually monitor the current state of each and every asset through a real-time dashboard.

Technical Financial Risk Management

Clir links technical performance with the financial planning of the asset by reforecasting energy yields, assessing repowering and hybridization opportunities, validating asset upgrades or retrofits, providing accurate contractual availability calculations, and continually assessing the asset’s life. Clir’s expert team can also assist owners in discussions with operators and OEM’s in relation to performance bonus and liquidated damage claims.

Enhance Domain Expertise

Knowledge transfer

Clir gives you the most in-depth understanding of wind farm performance issues and, more importantly, the knowledge and actions to rectify issues. With an extensive knowledge base and a dedicated technical team of renewable experts from major owners, investors, developers, and consultancies, Clir provides continual support, so you get the most out of the platform.

Owner collaboration

Clir facilitates owner collaboration to discuss common issues and experience in managing large, diverse portfolio.

Success Stories

Identified early signs of gearbox failing through monitoring of vibration and temperature signals on a 100 MW farm in the United States. Up tower repair conducted.

Saving: >500 MWh equalling approx. $40,000


Identified poor yaw control on a French wind farm, which led to discussions with the OEM to correct.

Gain: 1.7% AEP


Identified inconsistent and poor blade pitch strategy on a 100 MW project in the United States.

Gain: 1% AEP 

Assessed a 25 MW wind farm in England, identifying potential project life extension. Client acquired a life extension certification, enabling the ability to refinance.

Gain: 5 years additional life, approx. $10m revenue

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