Software Start-Up Clir Aims To Increase Wind Farm Performance

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Seen on: North American Windpower

Clir, a Vancouver-based renewable energy software start-up, has raised C$2.1 million in a seed-stage financing round.

Gareth Brown, the CEO and founder of Clir, has been working as a consultant in the renewable energy market for 11 years.

“Renewable energy power plants are like a black box to many owners and operators of wind farms,” he says. “People are unable to properly optimize their assets due to poor industry tools and badly structured or often missing data that needs to be enriched or synthesized to make accurate recommendations.”

He explains that the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology “takes all the data associated with renewable energy assets, combines it with the leading domain expertise, and provides clients with a comprehensive and detailed action plan for how to increase production on a massive scale.”

Currently, Clir’s main product is a wind farm optimization software that has an emphasis on turbine optimization and also has extensive capabilities for wind farm reporting. The product can be modified for solar energy and, in the future, will be compatible with other forms of renewables, such as hydro.

The company intends to use the funds raised in the seed round in business development and software development. Clir was a team of 15 in March, and it plans to have 30 employees by the end of the summer.