Latest News

  • Clir supports Elemental’s M&A activity with in-depth analysis of wind farm performance potential

    1 Sep 2020

    Clir to assess turbine health, energy yield, and opportunities for maximizing generation ahead of wind project acquisition

  • Introducing Clir to the solar industry

    14 Aug 2020

    Clir Renewables has taken the decision to develop a solar solution utilizing the same core architecture and fundamentals as our existing wind platform.

  • Clir Renewables becomes a signatory of Equal by 30 campaign

    16 Jun 2020

    Clir Renewables became a signatory of the Equal by 30 campaign today, 16 June 2020.

  • Clir brings clarity to solar with new app, calls for industry partners

    8 Jun 2020

    Firm to roll out service, working directly with asset owners to provide clarity on solar farm performance.

  • Data to play key role in unlocking renewable energy investment post-pandemic

    1 Jun 2020

    Performance validation will prove crucial to establishing renewable energy as the infrastructure investment of choice as fund managers look to stabilize portfolios

  • Clir expands renewable energy expertise with new hire

    29 Apr 2020

    Jacek Gromadzki joins Clir as Renewable Science Team Manager to advance innovative applications of optimization software.

  • Clir optimizes performance of over 1 GW of European offshore wind

    14 Apr 2020

    Offshore wind performance shortfall must be addressed through in-depth analysis.

  • ‘Marginal Gains’ continue to elude wind owners

    17 Feb 2020

    Wind energy investors can greatly reduce operations and maintenance costs and increase power output with more active approaches to asset management.

  • Clir hits 6 GW milestone, tripling its global asset portfolio in a year

    27 Jan 2020

    Leading wind farm optimization and monitoring firm sees significant growth across 2019, onboarding a number of key global asset owners as investor focus moves to performance and revenue certainty. 

  • Tackling data unknowns is vital for continued growth of offshore wind

    27 Nov 2019

    Offshore wind can greatly reduce operations and maintenance costs and increase power output with a better understanding of asset performance.

  • Clir Renewables scoops award win at the European Wind Investment Awards

    4 Nov 2019

    Vancouver based software company secures Start-up of the Year title at European awards.

  • Teaching the machines to work for us

    18 Sep 2019

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are widely used to analyze vast amounts of data.