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Teaching the machines to work for us

Teaching the machines to work for us

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are widely used to analyze vast amounts of data Artificial intelligence (AI) as a concept has existed since the early 1900s*, but it was often portrayed as a threat to humanity in fictional stories like Mary Shelley's...

Customer Success Team Profile

Customer Success Team Profile

To achieve success you need a good product and excellent customer support. Our Customer Success Team consists of engineers dedicated to working with clients to get the best out of their portfolio using Cir AI.

Putting learning into practice

Putting learning into practice

Studying undergraduate level computer science imparted many technical skills that I use on a daily basis, but school doesn’t teach you everything there is to learn.


5th-6th March, 2020

Wind Operations Europe

Munich, Germany

16th-17th April, 2020

Wind Operations Dallas

Dallas, United States

1st-4th June, 2020


Denver, United States

22nd-25th September, 2020

WindEnergy Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

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