Understanding the current condition of your assets is an essential element of your operations strategy.

Real-Time Dashboard

Clir can provide a near real-time dashboard to monitor the status of assets. The dashboard displays KPI’s relevant to the wind farm in addition to displaying the current status of each turbine.

Component Data Trending

Clir provides automated temperature detectors to monitor turbine component temperatures. In any instance of temperature readings going above or below pre-agreed thresholds, a synthetic event is created by Clir.
Heat map visualizations allow for visual checks of component temperatures or other condition monitoring signals to ensure there are no outliers, as shown here.

Life Assessment

Clir assesses the mechanical loading on the turbines related to the IEC 61400-12 standard once per annum. This assessment aids in:

  • Planning routine or end of warranty inspections.
  • Understanding the project and turbines’ expected remaining life.
  • Refinancing.
  • Assessing the potential to increase cut-out wind speeds of a turbine.

GADS Reporting

Clir enables clients to generate both GADS Performance reports and GADS Component Outages reports. This allows the generation of two reports:

  • Performance Data Report providing summarized data describing overall wind turbine operation during a particular month in a given year.
  • Component Outage Report to identify the general area or reason for turbine loss production, as reported in the Performance Data Report.

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