Mergers & Acquisitions

From both a buyer’s and seller’s perspective during any M&A transaction, it is vital to present a robust view of an asset’s performance and health, and that any potential risks are known, quantified, and mitigated where possible. When working within the extremely short time frames common to acquisition processes, margin for error and uncertainty must be kept to a minimum, particularly for buyers.

Unlike many SaaS providers in the market, Clir’s Executive, Customer Success, and Renewable Analytics teams have decades of experience supporting M&A transactions as Independent Engineers. This knowledge and experience, coupled with Clir’s industry-leading data analytics platform, places the company in an advantageous position to support renewable asset owners during any M&A transaction.

Clir can assist in the M&A process to quickly analyze data from operational assets. With Clir, owners can immediately understand and quantify the key risks in any transaction