Clir provides clients with a thorough understanding of the financial and technical risks of the project over its life.

Losses Breakdown

Understand project losses at portfolio, project or turbine level, including quantifying the impact of wind resource.

Contractual Availability

Clir automates contractual availability calculations, derived from the details of a project’s service agreement. Events are automatically assigned a contractual allocation with the ability to conduct error code reconciliation, should any changes be required.
In addition to ensuring an accurate availability calculation, Clir Renewables provides support in relation to any contractual availability penalty or bonus payments.

Energy Yield

By using operational data, Clir can quickly assess long-term energy production. Conducting an energy yield with operational data will provide an indication of normal operation and long-term energy projections with lower uncertainty than pre-construction assessments, allowing budgets and associated financial models to be updated.

Upgrade Validation

Both OEMs and 3rd parties are now commonly offering turbine upgrades to owners, some are software updates, and some include hardware to improve the power, loads, and the service life of a wind turbine.

These upgrades can have a positive uplift on energy yield and can typically result in gains of 1-2% AEP or life extension. While these upgrades have their advantages, some potential issues need to be avoided.

In the event of any upgrades or retrofits being offered, Clir will provide a high-level assessment of the upgrade’s potential benefits for the project. Following implementation, Clir can validate any claimed benefits to the project.

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