The wind power industry is maturing, and with more operations entering service around the world, the industry finds itself facing an integrity issue because wind farm operators are unable to explain their plant performance. Standard power industry operations and maintenance (O&M) areas such as maintenance, health and safety, and to some extent availability performance can be tracked, trended, and managed utilizing standard power industry Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

However, the primary challenge for robust performance management of any wind farm is unique in the power sector as rotor plane inflow conditions are not controlled nor defined. This means without smart and nuanced data integrity checks and analytics, it is difficult to separate wind turbine performance issues from wind resource variation. This presents performance integrity issues for many wind farm operators and owners who do not have clarity on their wind farm performance.


Clir conducts analysis to identify what actions can be taken to result in the highest return on investment for any given project. This analysis typically includes a thorough assessment of:

  • Downtime
  • Curtailment strategies
  • Turbine control
  • Performance degradation
  • Static and dynamic yaw alignment
  • High-frequency data

Analysis outcomes are communicated via the Clir Actions Page, listing the expected impact in MWh, the likelihood of implementation, and recommended next steps.


Clir’s suite of automated detectors monitors turbine behaviour at each wind farm. The detectors highlight any abnormal behaviour, providing start and end time, turbines affected, and associated event allocations and status code. Detectors include:

  • Missing Data
  • Derates
  • Boost/Uprated mode
  • Underperformance
  • Overperformance
  • Unexplained derate
  • Not reaching rated power
  • Unexplained outage
  • Derated due to curtailment (birds, bats, noise, grid, icing)

Results from the detectors are displayed on the Events Page with all turbine events.

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