VANCOUVER, BC: 25-year software and product management expert, John Hallett, takes a new position as the Chief Technology Officer for the renewable energy software company, Clir Renewables. A leader in the technology industry, John has exceptional achievements. His area of expertise includes supporting the technical teams of startups through high growth periods.
Hallett comes to Clir Renewables as a 25 year veteran of all aspects of software development. His career started during the dot-com boom where he worked for an internet education tech startup as a programmer. The new company, Blackboard, saw massive success. Their software is now the core element used to deliver online education at almost half of all higher education institutions, dwarfing their nearest competitor. From then, he moved on to senior technical roles at a variety of Vancouver companies, including local start-up Hootsuite and global powerhouse Amazon.
John has been a technology advisor for Clir since the company’s inception. When asked about what drives his involvement John said, “I’ve always wanted to get back to making a difference in the world. Climate Change is the number one existential threat facing civilization today, and the importance of addressing it cannot be understated. If Clir can help mitigate its effects, even slightly, I will be doing my part to make the world better for all our children.”
Gareth Brown, CEO of Clir, expressed confidence that Hallett is an exceptional choice. “Clir’s business growth strategy is highly focused on our employees,” says Gareth. “We want to be bringing on people with strong experience and expertise. The fact that John is smart, qualified, and devoted to Clir’s positive mission, makes him a great fit for the team.”
As the Chief Technology Officer, John will be in charge of leading the technical team. Which includes managing product features and setting up internal structures that improve efficiency. When asked about his plans for his new role, John said: “My number one goal as CTO is to guide the technical team through this period of growthSetting the team up to be successful in the future, all while preserving the culture that has contributed to Clir’s progress thus far.”
Clients and associates of Clir are invited to send their messages of congratulations to John as well as learn about Clir’s other employees by visiting

About Clir Renewables: Clir is a renewable energy AI software startup whose industry-leading cloud-based tools help asset managers and owners maximize production, and give owners clarity on performance. Founded in late 2016, the company now serves over 2 GW of assets, raised over $5m funding in 2018, and boasts alumni from major consultancies and software developers among its staff (DNV GL, Wood, Vatenfall, Natural Power, Amazon, Hootsuite among many others).



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