Dedicated To Diversity


Inclusion and diversity is one of our core values at Clir Renewables. We want to be a part of driving the change in the tech industry and shifting to a more inclusive culture. We believe that having different backgrounds, experiences and cultures in our team will bring more views to the table, in turn helping us be more creative and innovative.

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About Our Software

We understand lost production, not just availability

Clir brings together all aspects of renewable energy engineering including data integrity, data analytics, modeling, turbine/system engineering, control engineering, asset management, financial planning and reporting in a high-value low-cost cloud-based application. Clir communicates our data analysis, actions, and recommendations through our platform, creating a digital conversation between you and your dedicated renewable energy expert. Gone are the days of 200 page reports - we value customer engagement, interaction and discussion over static documents that lie unopened in your inbox, or gather dust on your desk.

Working With Clir is Easy

We work with the data so you can focus on more. Adding the Clir software to your renewable energy power plant is easy. Receive a personalized onboarding process and introduction to the technology as well as ongoing support. Our team are here to help you every step of the way.

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    Clir’s dedicated Connections Team will guide you through the steps of adding your power plant data feeds and documentation to the system. Clir can utilise all available feeds, including SCADA data, meteorological data, contractual information, and more.

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    Clir believes in full transparency. In addition to providing industry standard KPI’s, and potential actions for optimization, you can explore your data however you like. We also produce customizable reporting for owners, operations, investors, or regulators such as NERC.

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    Clir will give you updates, recommendations and tools to ensure your assets are optimized and technical financial risk is minimized. Exactly how - and with who - this interaction will take place can be tailored precisely to fit into your organisation’s workflow. No two clients are alike: we know this, and we will make sure that our communication and frequency of engagement offers the best fit for your team and resources.